PRS Guitars At The 34th Annual SCMA Awards

Posted Jun 16, 2023


PRS Guitars At The 34th Annual SCMA Awards

Recently on June 10th, the Saskatchewan Country Music Association hosted their annual awards ceremony. PRS Guitars was heavily represented throughout the evening with several Canadian PRS artists being recognized by the SCMAs with awards. Prominent winners include The Hunter Brothers, who took home the most awards that night, "winning the “National/International Award,” “Interactive Artist of the Year,” “SCMA Achievement Award, and the fan voted "Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year award.” Additionally, Luke Hunter was awarded “Bass Player of the Year.” Long-time PRS endorsee Tenille Arts also snagged an “SCMA Achievement Award,” along with “Single of the Year” for “Back Then, Right Now.” One of the night’s biggest awards went to Shantaia, who won “Female Artist of the Year.” We had a few minutes to catch up with Shantaia and chat about her experience.


PRS: Congratulations on your Female Artist of the Year award! This was your first year nominated, did the win take you by surprise?

Shantaia: Thank you! It definitely took me by surprise. I never imagined my first year being nominated for Female Artist of the Year would also end in winning! There were so many great, accomplished female artists in the category so it was an honor having my peers see me as deserving to take home the hardware!

PRS: How have things been in the aftermath of this major career milestone?

Shantaia: It’s been incredible seeing how others in the industry reacted to this accomplishment, and I hope more will come from it! It’s made me extra excited to be able to attend the awards next year in Saskatchewan!

PRS: We regularly see you performing with your SE Angelus acoustic and have recently added an SE Silver Sky and Sonzera combo to your arsenal. What do you love the most about your PRS gear?

Shantaia: I love how fun they are to play! Every single person I’ve set my PRS guitars in the hands of always agrees- they sound great and they FEEL great! The neck width is perfect for playability and comfort, on both the SE Angelus and the SE Silver Sky. The Silver Sky is a blast to play, I can’t wait to start playing it at live shows!

PRS: Looking towards the future, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Shantaia: We’ve got a few festivals this summer including Calgary Stampede and headlining the SCMA festival of the year, Country at the Creek in July. I have one more single from my Album coming out this summer, Damaged Goods, which has over 1.5 million views on TikTok! I also can’t wait to get back to CCMA’s this fall in Hamilton, Ontario. I hope to see my PRS Family there!