Jukebox The Ghost Wrote Exclusive Track for Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show

Posted Oct 29, 2015


The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show released 13 new episodes on Netflix this month! PRS Artist Tommy Siegel was a part of the process when he and his bandmates in Jukebox The Ghost were asked to write a song for the show's original soundtrack. -- In an interview with Under The Radar Magazine, Tommy Siegel had this to say about the new tune: “When we got the call to write a song for Peabody and Sherman about black holes, my head nearly exploded for two reasons. One, I fancy myself a cartoonist (not a professional) and have always dreamed of our band being turned into cartoons. Bucket list item: accomplished. Two, I am always looking for any excuse to write music about outer space phenomenon. In short, it was a true honor to be commissioned to write a goofy rock song for these incredible animators and I can't wait to binge-watch their creation!” Listen to "Black Hole" by Jukebox The Ghost Below
Tommy on his PRS Vela: “I've always been a bridge pickup guy and a sucker for big, bright, punchy guitar tones. I knew this guitar would be great for clean studio playing, but I was really pleasantly surprised by how well the Starla pickup worked for driving power-pop and punky, angular playing -- The tone is bright and punchy, but never too thin. The coil tap control is a neat function too, opening up an equally great tone with a little more chime to it. I can tell I'll be using this guitar for years to come in a variety of different projects.” / /