Orianthi Teams Up With Richie Sambora On New Album "Rise"

Posted Sep 29, 2017


Renowned Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora and PRS shredder Orianthi joined forces last September as a new power group, “RSO.” Following a 4 week tour in the UK, today, they release their new five-song EP, “Rise.” Music news outlet, Blabbermouth, writes: Despite being from opposite ends of the world, the two have everything in common. Both are platinum-selling singer-songwriters and world-class guitarists with magnetic stage presence and who share influences that range from classic rock to blues to R&B to country. Both have written chart-busting singles, toured the globe, collaborated with superstar artists, and have released three solo albums (Sambora: 1991's "Stranger In This Town", 1998's "Undiscovered Soul" and 2012's "Aftermath Of The Lowdown"; Orianthi: 2007's "Violet Journey", 2009's "Believe" and 2013's "Heaven In This Hell"). RSO Despite their myriad accomplishments, both Sambora and Orianthi are aware that they are best known as accompanists. Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee Sambora is, of course, a founding member of multi-platinum, Grammy-winning band BON JOVI, with whom he has sold over a hundred and thirty million albums worldwide and co-written multiple hits. Australian-born Orianthi is a virtuoso rock guitarist who has shared stages with SANTANA, Prince, ZZ TOP, Steve Vai and Carrie Underwood, among others, and was enlisted by the late Michael Jackson for his "This Is It" concert tour. She was also the first female member of Alice Cooper's band. Orianthi Listen to a single off of the new album below:
Grab the album at www.rsoofficial.com!