Explore Tremonti's New Album, 'Marching In Time'

Posted Sep 23, 2021


Explore Tremonti's New Album, 'Marching In Time'

PRS Signature Artist Mark Tremonti is about to release his latest solo record, Marching in Time. One of the busiest men in Rock, Mark has written and recorded twelve blistering new tracks with his band TREMONTI - all without skipping a beat with Alter Bridge or his many other projects.

A follow up to 2018’s A Dying Machine, this newest album finds the band exploring more upbeat textures while at the same time maintaining their trademark heaviness. Mark’s strength as a songwriter is evident in both the narrative lyrics and technical musicianship found throughout each song. Marching in Time drops September 24th, until then check out TREMONTI’s official video for the title track “Marching In Time” below.

Marching in Time Track List:

  1. A World Away
  2. Now and Forever
  3. If Not for You
  4. Thrown Further
  5. Let That Be Us
  6. The Last One of Us
  7. In One Piece
  8. Under the Sun
  9. Not Afraid to Lose
  10. Bleak
  11. Would You Kill
  12. Marching in Time