Meet Ryan Carraher

Posted May 09, 2017


We happily stumbled upon Ryan Carraher while reading the May 2017 edition of Vintage Guitar magazine, there on page 24 is a photo of the 23 year old Berklee educated musician holding his PRS. Ryan has been playing PRS for 10 years and says he has a "very personal connection" with his 513 model and had used it extensively on his debut album, "Vocturnal." Learn more about his journey into jazz, his influences, and gear preferences in the Vintage Guitar article below! Click the article to enlarge! Vintage Guitar Ryan Carraher Article You can listen to a full stream of Ryan's debut album, Vocturnal below:
Ryan is currently crowdfunding his second album, Obscure Sorrows on Indiegogo. Click here to learn more about that project. CONNECT WITH RYAN Instagram Facebook Twitter