Mark Holcomb To Release New Haunted Shores Album: Viscera

Posted Oct 28, 2015


PRS signature artist Mark Holcomb has teamed up with Periphery bandmate Misha Mansoor to produce new music for his passion project, "Haunted Shores." - From a broad view, Haunted Shores is categorized as a metal band but as you breakdown their music you'll notice lush soundscapes, notes ranging from ambient to brutal, and highly technical riffs. Holcomb and Mansoor divvy up duties writing and tracking, Holcomb on guitars/bass and Mansoor on guitars, bass, synth, and programming. Mark Holcomb had this to say about using his PRS model for the new EP: "My signature model is integral to the writing style I employ for Haunted Shores. The guitar inspires me to write passages that are nimble, notey, yet ultimately tasteful - and these qualities are imparted by the guitar. When it came time to record, it was perfect for tracking because of how aggressive, mean, yet versatile it sounded." / The album is set for release on November 3rd with pre-order available on Bandcamp. Check out the album teaser below: