Listen to the PRS "Employee Yearbook" Album!

Posted Dec 18, 2015


Here at PRS we care about great instruments and great music. Most of our 250 skilled employees play some sort of instrument: guitar, bass, percussion, and more. Also, many of these employees have created bands together, gig around town, and spend time in the studio recording.


Recently, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary as a company by creating what we call an “Employee Yearbook,” a three cd collection of tunes written and performed by our very own employees. You’ll find a diverse selection of music on this album from acoustic singer-songwriter jams to head banging metal.

Have a listen for yourself below!





“Track Name” // Length
Band name
PRS Employee and band members (instrument played)


“The Malagasy Kung-Fu Riots of 1974” // 4:01
Grand Orpingtons
Kurt Tilling (vocals, piano, organ, 12-string guitar, percussion, music, and lyrics) and Omar ElDieahy (electric guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals), Jeff Marolda (bass, whistling, backing vocals), Chuck Hurley (drums, percussion) with Jeff Kairo (French horn), Eric Paquin (backing vocals, recording, mixing)

“Drive” // 2:34
Imperial Tramp
Paul Miles (bass) with Sam Holden, Jay Martain, AJ Micriotti

“Infecting the Heavens” // 4:23
Oceans of Flesh
Rich Schaefer (drums) and Bill Hawthorne (guitar) with Troy Norwood (vocals)

“Red Winds” 3:33 //
Blackwater Refugees
Nathan Kellenbenz (song writing, drums, backing vocals) with Michael Shorter (vocals, bass), David McQuay (guitars, backing vocals), Steve Quillen (fiddle)

“All American Rebel” // 4:31
Chuck Hurley (all instruments except drums) with Joe Bradshaw (drums)

“Auto Pilot” // 2:38
David Peddicord (guitar and vocals)

“Franklin to Charger” // 3:26
Mime School
Rich Hodgson (guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Eriza (drums) with Chuck McDonald (guitar, lead vocals)

“Groceries” // 3:25
Goodbye News Plan
Trampas Ferree (guitar) with Dave Ort (vocals), Greg Anderson (bass), Tim Dugan (drums)

“Waffle Stomp” // 4:10
Magic Wax
Andrew Jones (bass) and Steve Sherman (vocals, guitar) and David Peddicord (rhythm guitar) and Nick Seckler (lead guitar) with Reece Burke (drums)

“Holy Guacamole” // 4:50
Jordan Hoyt (guitar) and Dave Eynck (guitar) with Zach Ditmars (bass), Jimmie Rivera (keyboards), Paul Clagett (drums)

“Happiness” // 6:06
Julian Torres (guitar) with Anthony Pineiro (keys, vocals), Obed Sepulveda (bass), Carlos Yamil (drums), Javier Grant (guitar)

“Mr. Kool” // 2:03
Vaughn Bratcher
Vaughn Bratcher (bass) with Dallas Pace (piano), Jesse Snyder (sax), Mike Bryant (drums)

“Keeping Track” // 3:08
David Molini (vocals and guitar) and Brandy Bouchat (bass)


“Photo Op” // 4:18
Elder Statesmen
Jim Cullen (bass, vocals, piano, synthesizer, sound effects, percussion) with Pat Wescott (guitars, vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, sound effects), Robin Eckman (drums, percussion, vocals, pots and pans), Ryan Cullen (additional percussion, harmonies)

“Monsters Have Feelings Too” // 4:55
Steve Sherman

“Work!” // 3:13
Jeff Marolda (bass, lead guitar, witty conversation) and Chuck Hurley (acoustic guitar, lead guitar 2, drums, vocals), Michael Feifer (witty storytelling)

“Corcovado” // 2:50
Lorn Phillips (guitar and vocals)

“Critics” // 3:20
Dub City Renegades
Jordan Hoyt (guitar) with Akshan (vocals), Zach Dickie (drums), Nick Young (bass), Andy Myers (keyboards), Evan Herring (saxophone), Mark Allred (trumpet), Mensah (percussion)

“Annabel Lee” // 5:15
Deep Blue Rising
George Gipe (bass, lap steel) with Debbie Stuehler (lead vocals), Dan Casula (acoustic guitar), Steve Martle (lead guitar), Chuck Field (keys, backing vocals), Demetrios Kakavas (drums)

“Lies” // 4:22
Penny Pistolero
Jake Powers (lead guitar) with Jon Beasley (guitar, vocals), Tommy Hambleton (banjo, mandolin, lap steel), Ben Saltzman (bass), Willis Kurtz (drums), Rachel Woodward (vocals, trumpet)

“Mama Said” // 3:28
Brian “BB Finger” Selph (guitar and backing vocals) and Chuck Hurley (guitar, drums, bass, amplified harmonica, vocals) with Jaquan Guillespie, Cameron Lewis (backing vocals)

“Walls” // 3:57
Steve Sherman with Erin Ballard (vocals)

“Made of Shadows” // 6:08
Eightball Hemorrhage
James Zimmers (guitars and programming) and Michael Feifer (drums, synth, programming) with Dan Dadds (vocals), Bert Hall Jr (bass)

“On the One” // 5:38
Fake Flowers Real Dirt
Dave Eynck (guitar) with Billy D. William (vocals), Paul Haney (keys), Kevin Shuss (drums), Brian Escauage (percussion), Viki Nova (vocals), Ernesto J. Ponce (tenor sax), Eugene Chapman (alto sax), Jeremy Elation (turntables), Ethan Montgomery (bass)

“Sweedish Fish” // 3:20
Danny Cruise and Friends
Daniel Cruise (lead guitar, rhythm guitar) with Matt Heaverly (drums), Brett Glover (bass), Mark Pemberton (bass), David Kirtchner (lead guitar)


“Mess of Rage” // 3:41
The Paul Reed Smith Band
Paul Smith (guitar) with Michael Ault (guitar), Gary Grainger (bass), Greg Grainger (drums), Mia Samone-Davis (vocals)

“Rise Up!” // 5:45
Bill Hawthorne (guitar, vocals) with Bill Ewald (drums), Frank Jones (bass)

“The Remembered” // 3:02
This Side of Eternity
Austin Taylor (guitar) and Jeremy Ephraim, Brandon Ryan, Matthew Hegerle, Daniel Hegerle

“Dark” // 2:30
Crash Landings
Casey Hesgard (guitars) and Dave Carty (vocals, drums, bass)

“Blue Sky” // 3:57
Jenna Joy
Jenna Kunz (vocals, lyrics, songwriting, melody) and Rich Hannon (guitar instrumental and production)

“The Atlee Song” // 2:17
Atlee Redmon (vocals and lyrics) and Eric Granroth (acoustic and electric guitar)

“Satin Samba” // 4:24
Jeanne Nooney (flute) with Mark Nooney (guitars, song writing), Cecil Leonard (bass), Vince Rutland (drums)

“Insert Corpse Here (The Commencement)” // 4:13
The Heydays of Silence
David Carty (guitar and vocals) with Michael Younger (drums), Meade Morgan (bass)

“VS Elder Dragon” // 4:29
Mystic Witch
Nick Seckler (vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming)

“So Long” // 3:42
Rich Hannon (guitars, bass, vocals, recording, mixing) with Michael Dawson (drums)

“Chaos, Victor” // 3:02
Eric Granroth (rhythm guitar, bass) and Steven Sherman (lyrics, vocals) with Scott “Scotty” Walker (lead guitar), C. Scott Buchanan (drums)

“New Sheriff” // 4:17
Len Johnson
Len Johnson (guitars and bass) with Teddy Johnson (percussion)