John McLaughlin Drops New Album "Liberation Time"

Posted Jul 08, 2021


John McLaughlin Drops New Album "Liberation Time"

Improvisational icon John McLaughlin has announced that his new album, appropriately titled “Liberation Time” will drop next week on July 16th. Conceived and recorded during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 “Liberation Time” represents the sum of McLaughlin’s efforts to confront the restrictive circumstances we suddenly found ourselves in. “Liberation Time” is ultimately the sound of McLaughlin channeling his frustration with those limitations into explosive creativity. The record includes two pre-existing solo piano pieces, but the majority of the album was directly inspired by that turbulent period. Truly a product of its time, “Liberation Time” was recorded remotely, with McLaughlin collaborating with the other musicians over long, sometimes trans-continental distances. Check out the teaser video below and pre-order your copy of “Liberation Time” today!

“Liberation Time” Track list

  1. The Spirit Sings
  2. Singing Our Secrets
  3. Lockdown Blues
  4. Mila Repa
  5. Right Here, Right Now, Right On
  6. Shade of Blue
  7. Liberation Times

Teaser Video:

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