Introduction: "We Cracked The Code"

Posted Jan 22, 2012

Behind The Gear

Paul wrote the Rules of Tone over many years after a conversation he had with his father about physics. Essentially, it is a list of 21 rules of instrument making that are particular to PRS and the way we build guitars. The document is now locked away, and serves as a private record of PRS trade secrets written down to ensure that Paul’s philosophies and discoveries are never lost or forgotten. Though its title may sound restrictive, the Rules support our quest for tone by encouraging us to constantly refine our craft as builders so that we can make better and better instruments as we learn.

We strive to make the kind of guitars that even though brand new somehow feel as comfortable as an old friend. We believe that guitars that make this kind of intimate connection come only from talented designers and craftspeople who love the long, painstaking process of creation as much as the resulting instruments. At PRS, we love that process; we love guitars. If you follow PRS, you already know that we are dedicated to making the best electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers we can so that you have a tool to cherish and to use to create music. The Rules of Tone are a driving force behind that philosophy and passion. And though no set of rules will guarantee a great instrument, ignoring some details will ensure that an instrument can never be more than the sum of its parts.