Get to Know the PRS Pedal Lineup!

Posted Apr 19, 2024

Behind The Gear

Get to Know the PRS Pedal Lineup!

Not sure which PRS pedal is right for you? Take a listen to these short clips showcasing the highlights of our Dual Analog Flanger, Transparent Overdrive, and Optical Compressor pedals!

Wind Through The Trees

A treat for the ears, the Wind Through The Trees dual analog flanger packs a ton of different sounds into a single pedal!


Horsemeat was designed to sound good when pushed to extremes… and everything in between! Watch as Bryan Ewald showcases this overdrive pedal’s variety.

Mary Cries

On Singlecoils or humbuckers, the Mary Cries is a useful tool for adding sustain and thickness to your tone - have a listen!