Devour The Day Premiere "Lightning In The Sky"

Posted Mar 07, 2016


Earlier this month, Devour The Day released their newest single "Lightning In The Sky" on Vevo! -- If you go see Devour The Day live, it's easy to see that they are big fans of PRS! Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Blake Allison plays an assortment of SE and S2 guitars in the band, as well as lead guitarist David Hoffman. Their arsenal consists of SE Custom 24's, an SE Clint Lowery Signature, S2 Singlecuts and S2 Custom 24's. Bassist Joey Chicago uses SE Kingfisher basses! / / The band's debut album S.O.A.R will be out April 1st and their pre-released single "Lightning In The Sky" has already cracked the Top 25 and is rapidly ascending the Active Rock radio charts! Check out the video for "Lighting In The Sky" below!
About the song, guitarist Blake Allison said, "'S.O.A.R.' is an acronym for 'Suffer, Overcome, And Recover.' It references the true nature of hard work, dedication, and the feeling of strength through any process. When the pressure of life and all its struggles has beaten you down, it's what one does in response that really matters and makes us grow as human beings." CONNECT WITH DEVOUR THE DAY Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram