Carlos Santana Reunites with Neal Schon

Posted Apr 21, 2015


Last spring, there were talks of a possible reunion between Carlos Santana and Journey guitarist, Neal Schon. It’s been more than 40 years since Neal Schon left Santana to form the band that would become Journey. Recently, Schon has given us evidence that he is indeed working closely with Carlos Santana on the much anticipated album Carlos IV. "I've been chasing this (reunion) for so long, because it takes me back to when I got my big break," says Schon, noting that Santana was not just a bandleader but a mentor, introducing the teen to a range of world music. "I was always his student. When we play together I'm always respectful. It's not a shootout." Neal Schon's Facebook page is covered with details revealing his current work with Santana including studio work and live shows. / / / Schon also detailed his excitement for the album in the comments section of his page, “This record is going to take over the world. I just hope management gets it together for us to tour together as I WILL Tour with Carlos either way. It’s way too happening to not. World domination once again.” You can even see a fan video of Carlos and Neal performing together in Mexico last month, click here. Stay tuned for more details about Carlos and Neal's reunion! /