Meet the Private Stock Orianthi Limited Edition + Q&A w/ Orianthi!

Posted Jan 14, 2022

Artist / Behind The Gear

Meet the Private Stock Orianthi Limited Edition + Q&A w/ Orianthi!

^ Image: Elizabeth Viggiano

Here at PRS, Private Stock is the pinnacle of PRS design, materials, and craftsmanship. Our talented Private Stock builders teamed up with Orianthi to create a new Limited Edition model that takes Orianthi's favorite specifications and puts them in the hands of player's worldwide. To learn more about the specs she choose, we interviewd Orianthi below.


PRS: What do you love the most about this new model?

Ori: This new PRS model has the perfect balance for me, the pickups are super dynamic and the neck is fast yet not too thin. It's huge sounding and extremely comfortable to play.

PRS: What inspired the 'lotus vine' inlay design?

Ori: My name means flower in Greek and having the lotus flower on it is really symbolic to me. It represents enlightenment, purity, and transcendence.

Private Stock Orianthi Limited Edition

PRS: The color, 'Blooming Lotus Glow.’ was inspired by the metallic purple on your other Private Stock model which was ultimately based off of a nail polish color. This time, we wanted to show off the beautiful figure of the wood. How do you like this new color?

Ori: The Blooming Lotus Glow reminds me of my first Jimi Hendrix t-shirt I had when I was 10. The color is so beautiful and inspiring soon as I opened the case it lit up the whole room. It’s a true piece of art, aside from playing and sounding so great!

PRS: What makes the 58/15 pickups a good fit for your playing style?

Ori: They are very warm sounding, but you can also switch them into sounding like a wild beast when you want the attack. They are extremely responsive!

Blooming Lotus Live shot_pc @manolo770

PRS: Tell us about the “O” artwork that has been included on all of your PRS signature models.

Ori: My symbol has been on a lot of things. My sister created the logo a long time ago, she is an amazing artist. I am so thrilled about this guitar and honored to have another model with PRS. Paul, Bev and Winn Krozack are family and amazing people. Paul is a genius and he’s so passionate about these instruments. Every one of them have their own personality. I’m so excited about this new signature model and can’t wait to hear the response from other players once they get it in their hands. It’s magical!


The full model specs include a figured maple top, mahogany back, and a 24-fret, 25” scale length Pattern Thin mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard. The Private Stock Orianthi features a custom “Lotus Vine” inlay (similar to our classic “Tree of Life” inlay) made from Asian Pink Coral and mother of pearl. The Blooming Lotus Glow finish was newly developed to showcase the Private Stock grade maple top and sports a pink center that fades to purple. While the electronics function the same as our traditional Custom 24 with a volume and tone control with 5-way blade switch, the Orianthi is outfitted with 58/15 treble and bass pickups for a round tone.

The Orianthi Limited Edition Private Stock Custom 24 will be available to order until December 31, 2022. Full details and specs here. Contact an Authorized PRS Private Stock Dealer to secure yours!