All That Remains Release Heavy Cover of Garth Brooks' "The Thunder Rolls"

Posted Aug 23, 2017


All That Remains released a music video for their cover of "The Thunder Rolls" originally written by Garth Brooks, check it out here! The cover is also a part of their latest album, Madness. In an interview with Billboard, lead singer Philip Labonte says, “We’re continuing to push what people’s notion of what All That Remains is and what we’re allowed to do and what we’re willing to do, in what ways we’re willing to go and experiment. So far the reaction has been really cool. It’s also kind of what I expected; Our core audience likes a lot of diverse styles of music and gets it, and I think there’s enough stuff on it for people that haven’t heard All That Remains before to be kind of lured in. That’s always our point — How can we reach out to new people?” Check out guitarist Mike Martin playing a PRS in the music video for "The Thunder Rolls" below: