Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews A40E Acoustic

Posted Jun 06, 2022

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews A40E Acoustic

Emile Menasché of Acoustic Guitar magazine put our A40E acoustic through its paces. From specifications to live play testing on video, Emile shares his thoughts on the performance and value of this model.

“Overall, the A40E was really impressive. As lower-cost import lines go, PRS’ SE brand has always been a little different in that it has its own identify, instead of simply serving as a platform for entry-level versions of U.S.-made instruments. The guitar I tested was a fine example. Every detail, line, joint, fret end, and nut edge was right.” - Emile Menasché // Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Watch Emile’s review of the A40E below:

Read the full review on here.

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