More Fresh Music From PRS Pulse Artists!

Posted Mar 15, 2023


More Fresh Music From PRS Pulse Artists!

It’s time for another quick recap of some of the awesome new music that the 2023 class of PRS Pulse Artists has dropped so far this year!


Kaho Tsuji / Fleufleu - “Ivy”

Rohit Sivaram / Enfierce - “The Winning Hand” Live

Tanya Venom / Stormstress - “Buried You in the Snow”

Abigail Fierce - “I Just wanna Feel Okay Again”

Cameron Smith / Eugene Levy - “Beneath a Star Drunk Sky”


Carlos Garo - Samsarak

John DeMena - Dreams and Lies

Danni Steffanetti - Live at Big Bear

Anthony Saturno (The Dirty Doves) - Bumblebee Brandywine

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