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PRS Pulse Artist Program

PRS Guitars Pulse Artist program is designed to support PRS players around the world by turning the focus to PRS players who are making waves in their local music scene.

This unique program utilizes PRS’s extensive dealer network to provide local access to some of the benefits of an endorsement, while also serving as a potential “stepping stone” to becoming an Official PRS Artist. With the annual membership, Pulse Artists will be granted exclusive discounts on guitars, amps, and accessories through their local PRS dealer and will be showcased on a dedicated Pulse Artist roster on PRS Guitars website. PRS social platforms will be utilized as well as the creation of editorial content to amplify these Artists and share their music, news, and progress as they pursue their musical journey.

Guidelines for Applicants:

• Intermediate/advanced guitar skills
• Online presence with strong social media engagement
• PRS brand is preferred choice of instrument

How To Apply

Artists can submit their application to become a 2025 Pulse Artist through any authorized PRS dealer.

Submissions accepted: July 15- August 31, 2024

Application review period: September 1 - September 30, 2024

2025 PRS Pulse Artists announcement: October 1, 2024

Class of 2024 Memberships expire on December 31, 2024

Class of 2025 Memberships will be effective October 15, 2024 - December 31, 2025.

Pulse Artist Accolades

Will Maravelas

"I love PRS products and love having a professional affiliation with the company!" – Will Maravelas

Jeff Paitchell

"The Pulse Artist Program has been an amazing experience and has allowed me to grow as an influencer as well as connect with other Pulse Artists." – Jeff Paitchell

Miguel Juarez

"I have learned and grown so much as a person, brand, business owner, and musician since partnering with PRS. Both quantity and quality of work/gigs have improved tremendously, and I have garnered much exposure, sales, and publicity in this past year." – Miguel Juarez

Jennale Adams

"This program changed my life and gave me so much more confidence in myself and my career." – Jennale Adams

Teemu Ramo

"Being part of this program has helped me to take my career to another level. Having my first endorsement from a company like PRS which stands for quality and passion for making the best instruments in the world, was a gamechanger. It is a great honor and I proudly fly the flag for this program." – Teemu Ramo

Dave Carr

"It's an absolute honor to be flying the PRS Pulse Artist flag! Not only has the program connected me with so many killer musicians online, but it’s also exposed my band, Neck of the Woods, to new fans from all over. Having the support from such a legendary brand has been the highlight of my playing career, and truly a rewarding experience!" – Dave Carr

Rob Riser

"It has meant the world to me to get to officially be a part of the company that has been with me on every stage and every song I’ve recorded since the start of my music journey. Thank you PRS and the Artist Relations team for this opportunity!!" – Rob Riser

Ali Yasin Eser

"The PRS Pulse Artist program helped me connect to a network of rising stars and collaborate with them on the most extraordinary projects. It enabled me to boost my professional career and gave me a better perspective. Plus, the discount program helps to get you closer to your dream gear!" – Ali Yasin Eser

Steve Dombroski

"Since I was 16 years old, I dreamed of seeing my name on the PRS Guitars website. That, to me, was enough value. However, the icing on the cake has been increased notoriety within my local music community, a larger social media network, and access to gear that helps me perform on stage and in the studio." – Steve Dombroski

Siddarth Kota

"Being associated with a renowned brand such as PRS Guitars has been an absolute honor!" – Siddarth Kota

Eric McCullough

"The Pulse Artist program has been a dream come true for me. Not only has the program allowed me to get the gear I need to create, but it has allowed me to form valuable connections with the company, my local dealer, and other Pulse Artists. PRS has also served as a champion for my musical projects." – Eric McCullough

Tanya Venom

"Being a PRS Pulse Artist has been an absolute dream come true! Being able to use the PRS name as a Pulse Artist along with the cross promotion from PRS on their website, social media, and in blog articles has done wonders for my musical career!" – Tanya Venom

Gemari Sharper

"Since first being accepted into the Pulse Artist program, there have been many doors open and career opportunities that were not there previously. I’ve also gained international exposure by being featured on the PRS website and social media posts, which has led to me meeting and connecting with other talent and future collaborators all over the world." – Gemari Sharper

JR Hairston

"Being a Pulse Artist has been such a pleasure! As a native Marylander I've always been proud to be able to recommend PRS instruments to anyone who asks me about them, but it's been an even bigger source of pride for me to be able to say I'm officially associated with one of the best guitar brands in the world!" – JR Hairston

John DeMena

"It is wonderful to be officially associated with a brand of guitars that I have been playing for decades and that have become my everyday tools; the tools that help me define my artistic voice, do my job night after night, and share my music with the world." – John DeMena

Andrew Matthews

"The PRS Pulse Artist Program has been an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow artists and the company itself. I would highly recommend any artist who is a PRS enthusiast to apply for this program." – Andrew Matthews

Pulse Artists