Archon 2x12 Cabinet

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Roadworthy Tone

PRS Archon speaker cabinets feature a closed back design, delivering punch and tight low end. The Celestion V-Type speaker was chosen for its ability to maintain a balanced tonal signature from the Archon’s exceptional clean channel through classic crunch and modern metal gain. Wrapped in black vinyl and outfitted with British-style knitted weave grill cloth and PRS Signature logo, Archon speaker cabinets have a clean and powerful look. Their rugged construction means players can trust them out on the road for years to come.


Wood(s) Plywood
Construction Closed Back
Covering Black Textured Vinyl
Grill Cloth Black British-Style Knitted Weave
Speakers Celestion V-Type
Impedence 8 Ohms
Power Handling 140 Watts
Width 25.25" (64.14 cm)
Depth 11" (27.94 cm)
Height 21.6" (54.86 cm)
Weight 49.6 lbs (22.5 kg)

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